Episode 9

TheraGOOD’s Deeds

This is a story about a larger than life Texan who has A LOT of friends in Houston.

On every street corner, under every overpass, Houston police officer Sheldon Theragood has friends. He’s connecting with our city’s homeless population in a meaningful way and working endlessly to help get them off the streets.

When Theragood’s off the clock, he dedicates his time to working with troubled teens in hopes of keeping them from ending up like so many of his friends.

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Episode 8

Live From Houston, It’s Saturday Night?

“It’s totally exaggerated. It’s not me,” declared President George H.W. Bush during a segment for Saturday Night Live. “Those crazy hand gestures, the pointing thing. I don’t do 'em.”

President Bush called Dana Carvey’s impersonation of him “bad” in that memorable SNL sketch, which was recorded in part by two former members of our KPRC-TV team. The Houston crew reveals what it was like working with the President & SNL writer (at the time) Al Franken.

We’d reveal more here, but well, it wouldn’t be prudent. You’ll have to listen.

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Episode 7

Collector in Chief

A Texas man says he knew George H.W. Bush would be President 25 years BEFORE he made it to the White House.

Back in 1989, just a few months after the inauguration, host of “The Eyes of Texas” TV program Ron Stone featured Ronald Wade and his vast collection of Bush 41 memorabilia. It’s an assortment of prized objects Wade began saving when he was just a boy and met Mr. Bush back in 1964. As it turned out, Ron Stone had his own special connection to the President.

In this episode, Ron Stone, Jr. shares stories with us of his father, the President, and the impact they had on each other’s lives.

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Episode 6

Body Farm

Journey to the Hill Country and you’ll find mile upon mile of ranches. Texas, right? But at the Freeman Ranch, it’s not cattle being herded. Rather you’ll find fields of donated corpses.

Texas State University oversees this unique outdoor classroom where students and crime scene investigators learn what happens to a person once the Texas sun and soil take over.

While the research at Freeman Ranch is not for the faint of heart, it’s inspiring more and more people every year to volunteer to go there when they die.

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Episode 5

Feast on This

Plymouth may get props for being home to the first Thanksgiving, but other states claim to have had similar feasts PRIOR to the Pilgrims’ harvest celebration in 1621. That includes Texas – which touts a great feast back in 1598.

After a treacherous 50 day expedition that landed 500 colonists near modern-day El Paso, the group held a mass and massive meal to give thanks to God that they made it. It's a journey still celebrated in Texas more than 400 years later.

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Episode 4

Brittani Shines

She’s been by Beyonce’s side, played for Alicia Keys & Jennifer Hudson, and most recently been on stage with Cee-Lo, but Brittani doesn’t play backup to anyone. She’s her own star and her journey began in a Texas church choir.

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Episode 3

Bat World

A discovery of an injured bat inspired a woman to liquidate her business and begin a decades-long commitment to saving the official flying mammal of the state of Texas.

Turns out saving the animals ran in her blood & her father, a highly decorated veteran, would help her idea take flight.

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Episode 2

2 Big Cats in a Cat 2 Storm

Ten years after Hurricane Ike, we learn more about what unfolded when a man in Bolivar tried to rescue a lion and a tiger from the storm. The lion wisely hunkered down in a church with his owner and several other people. The tiger refused to evacuate and rode out the storm OUTSIDE.

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Episode 1

Healing Through Art

Two of the biggest tragedies to hit Texas occurred within months of each other. One an act of mother nature, the other the act of man. With both, there were people looking to help the best way they knew how… Texans – inspired to create something beautiful in the midst of darkness.

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