These kids who found out the rodeo was canceled are the spirit of Houston right now

Children find out the rodeo is canceled at the rodeo. (KPRC)

HOUSTON – It was heartbreaking news for Houstonians Wednesday when the city announced that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was canceled.

We asked KPRC 2 viewers if they were at the rodeo when they found out and some parents shared hilarious but relatable photos of their children learning the news.

Kelly Starr shared a photo of a sad little boy with the caption, “When you heard the rodeo was cancelled...while at the rodeo.”

Beth Ann McVay said breaking the news to her toddler didn’t go very well. The photos shows her child having a full-blown meltdown near one of the rides.

Of course, adults are just as upset.

Rachel Rodriguez said, “I was at cook off Saturday - I had an amazing time - great weather, out of this world food and the friendliest people ever! So sad about this, I understand why, but it is such a wonderful event that helps so many.#MyHouston

Angela Guzman was at the Rodeo this morning when she got the news. “Was incredibly disorganized! Vendors closing and rides closing but the gate was still open letting people in. Then they closed the gate but were still charging for parking only be turned away at the gate.”

Lindsay Vela noticed things were off when she saw four helicopters swarming the Rodeo fairgrounds. “Vendors and employees start talking about something, all of the rides are shut down instantly, and then we got the word on our phone with the news! It was a lot of anger and frustration on the employees as we walked around though!”

Jessica Randhi Louise was one of those glad that the Rodeo is canceled. “I’m glad it was cancelled. No life is worth giving up for the rodeo with this virus being spread around the world. You only have one life, and there will be other rodeos in the future.”

See other viewer photos from the last day of 2020 Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo:

Heather Price Lightfoot waited 13 hours to load out before she was told she had to load them back in.

LeighAnne Joyce said she stayed until the end to show support for the Rodeo. “My heart breaks for the Ag families and their projects. People don’t truly understand the time and money students and their parents put into these shows. Also frustrated for the employees out of work 2 weeks early.”

Katie Grace Fogle had to explain to her three- and four-year-old that the carnival rides were shutting down. She also explained that her friend’s daughter who is a high school senior could not show her goat at the livestock show. “Probably a better way to shut it down if it had to happen,” she said.

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