Police rescue emaciated horse tied to tree in SE Houston

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - Houston police officers rescued an emaciated horse found near Sims Bayou on Monday morning. Residents in the area said it is a common sight.

The 8-year-old mare, starving and severely underweight, was struggling mightily just to walk, after apparently being left at the intersection of Groveton and Jethro in southeast Houston to die.

"The horse was starving to death, you could see his ribs, his bones sticking out," said Lupe Vega.

According to officers, the horse appeared to be an older female and suffered from sores on her body, had overgrown hooves and was severely malnourished.

Over the last three years, Vega said her neighborhood, located along Sims Bayou, has turned into a grotesque and disgusting dumping ground for dead and dying horses.

"We get a lot of dead horses, a lot of emaciated horses, that are dumped here to die," she said.

Other angry neighbors KPRC 2 News spoke to said the problem is getting worseand they are sick of seeing cruel horse owners leading their animals into the deep ditches along Groveton Road and simply abandoning them.

A total of two horses, both malnourished with ribs showing and with bruises and marks on them, were found in the area.

One was rescued by authorities after officers were able to calm the horse and tie it off to a light post.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office was called to the scene to bring a horse trailer to transport the animal to a safe place. Deputies said the horse will most likely be taken to a nearby SPCA.

Investigators are trying to determine who left her there and why.

The other horse may have wandered away, but was not seen in the area later Monday morning.

If you see someone dumping an animal or abusing a horse, you are asked to call both the Houston Humane Society and Crime Stoppers.

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