Dog's cartwheel fail is cutest thing ever

Epic fail has been seen over 7-million times on Facebook


GEORGIA – You can't teach an old dog new tricks, and you definitely can't teach a new dog how to do a cartwheel.

A young pitbull learned that the hard, and hilarious, way in a video recently posted on Facebook that has been seen by over seven million people.

Jacqueline Sloan Zielger posted the video of a young girl named Kailyn performing a wonderful cartwheel for the camera.  

But when the 18-month-old pitbull named Oakland attempted the same maneuver, the results were less than perfect.  

However, it was unbelievably cute as the dog tried once, and then twice to imitate the girls' moves.  

Both times little Oakland came up a little short.  So Kailyn did the next best thing and hit the floor to mimic Oakland's scratch-the-back stunt.

The Daily Mail says that the family rescued Oakland last year.

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