Nov. 25: Shopping tips

HOUSTON - Now that Black Friday is behind us, the full shopping season lies ahead, and along with it, plenty of potential scams and pitfalls for shoppers.

KPRC Local Consumer Expert Amy Davis joins host Khambrel Marshall to discuss what some of those scams are and to give advice and common sense steps we can all take to safeguard our money and valuables during this holiday season. Amy provides excellent advice on simple things we can all do to avoid becoming victims.

Not too long ago, Jefferson Davis High School on Houston's Northeast side had a very high drop out rate and an unimpressive graduation rate. Now Davis boasts the lowest drop out rate in HISD and of the graduates last year who applied to college, 100% were accepted!  How have they done it?

Joining Khambrel are Principal Jaime Castaneda who is a graduate of Davis and now leads the way. Gerardo DeLeon, the Grad Lab Coach is responsible for motivating the students to think beyond high school and David Reyes is a former Davis student who dropped out but who was "persuaded" to come back to school and graduate. Reyes talks about why he dropped out in the first place and about the Davis family that would not let him stay dropped out. A great example of success in an urban high school and one of the reasons HISD was a national finalist for the Broad Prize given to the best Urban school district in the United States.

It's called War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and It's Aftermath. It is a one of its kind exhibit that includes nearly 500 objects and pictures from more than 280 photographers from 28 countries. Organized in 26 separate categories, this exhibit covers wars on six continents spanning 165 years.

Will Michels was one of three co-curators responsible for assembling this unique exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Michels joins Khambrel to talk about how they were able to choose from more than a million images to get the final product now on display at the MFAH until Feb. 3, 2013.

News you can use. Inspiration and motivation by unique educators. And another first for Houston in the world of the arts. Tune in for Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall Sunday at 10 a.m., right after Meet the Press with David Gregory.

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