May 13: Survey on Houston

HOUSTON - Hot off the presses, it's the 2012 Houston area survey. This year's survey, in its 31st year, reveals the city of Houston is very much a community in transition.

Dr. Stephen Klineberg, the co-director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University, is this week's guest.

Klineberg began this survey as a project for his Rice University  sociology students in the mid 80s.  It was intended to be a one year project but the Houston oil bust very soon after the first survey was released, led to the need for a 2nd survey and they have continued every year since.

Among the 2012 survey results:

  • Harris County residents are feeling a bit better about the local economy but feel no better about their personal economic prospects.
  • A growing proportion of Harris County residents support improvements in mass transit and would choose a less car-centered, more urbanized lifestyle.
  • Very definite opinions have emerged about citizenship for illegal immigrants and about the need to reduce the federal budget.

Tune in for a fascinating half hour with Dr. Klineberg as he and host Khambrel Marshall talk about the tremendous transition Houston has already experienced and the even bigger transition still ahead as Houston now is the most demographically diverse city in the United States.

Join Khambrel Sunday at 10 a.m., right after Meet the Press with David Gregory. 

More Information:

  • Stephen Klineberg, Co- Director, Kinder Institute for Urban Research. Rice University (713) 348-4199,


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