March 30: Houston Astros hope for stellar season

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

HOUSTON - The Houston Astros kick off the 2013 Major League Baseball season this weekend hoping to erase the memory of a record 107 losses in 2012.  It is also the teams' first in the American League after being a National League team for its entire existence. Astros President and Chief Executive Officer George Postolos joins Khambrel Marshall for this week's Houston Newsmakers and talks about what it will take to make the Astros a winner on the field and in the hearts of the fans.  Postolos weighs in on the new season, new league, new manager, new uniforms and the new attitude from the front office to the field for the Astros.

Also this week, the Texas view of the Supreme Court arguments on same sex marriage and the federal benefits that should or should not be granted to legally married same-sex couples. University of Houston Professor Aaron Bruhl teaches and writes on statutory interpretation and federal courts at the U of H Law Center. Also joining Khambrel is Professor Geoffrey Hoffman, director of the U of H Law Center's Immigration Clinic, who talks about the possible ramifications to family based immigration cases.

What would the world be like if there was no hate?  That is the question being asked by the Anti Defamation league in its new initiative.  It's called "Imagine a World Without Hate" and uses a riveting public service announcement to get the point across. In it, at, you will see images of victims of high-profile crimes of hatred and racism, like James Byrd Jr. and Anne Frank, as they might look today or the contributions they might have made had their lives not been cut short.  Martin Cominsky, the southwest regional director of the ADL, is Khambrel's guest and talks about the origin of the campaign and what they are asking local religious leaders to do to promote the campaign against hatred.

There is something for everyone in this week's program!  Watch Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall Sunday at 10 a.m., right after Meet the Press with David Gregory.

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