March 3: Search for Baby Chloe's parents

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

HOUSTON - On Feb. 19, a woman was walking her dog when it barked at a Walmart bag. Inside that bag was a baby girl, obviously newborn and very much alive. It turns out that baby was in relatively good health and is thriving. But where is her mother?  What kind of future is "Baby Chloe" likely to have? Joining Khambrel Marshall this week for Houston Newsmakers is Estella Olguin, the community relations director for Harris County Protective Services. She talks about the search for Baby Chloe's parents and why it's important to know about that genetic link and the adoptive process that is already underway to find a new home and new life for Chloe.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is underway and with its 28,000 volunteers continues to hold the crown of the biggest rodeo in the United States. But the rodeo is about more than animals and the midway carnival rides. The bottom line is to raise money for Texas students. The goal is more than 60 $18,000 scholarships for deserving students in the state of Texas. Joining Khambrel is R.H. "Steve" Stevens, chairman of the board of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and Donald Middleton, chairman of the Black Heritage Committee. They talk about what makes the rodeo such a success and how you can also get involved.

If you have an outstanding warrant, now is the time to be concerned because March 2 is the start of the 2013 Great Texas Warrant Roundup. In what is the largest combined effort of its kind, police agencies from across the state aggressively work to arrest those who have outstanding warrants. Currently in the city of Houston alone there are 300,000 outstanding warrants! Joining Khambrel to talk about the roundup is Judge Elaine Marshall, administrative judge of the municipal courts and Gwendolyn Goins, the public information officer of the municipal courts. They discuss who is affected and how those with warrants can pay to get off the arrest list!

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More Information:

  • Estella Olguin, community relations director, Harris County Protective Services, 713-394-4000,
  • R.H. "Steve" Stevens, chairman of the board, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, 832-667-1000,
  • Donald Middleton, chairman, Black Heritage Committee, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo 832-667-1000,
  • Judge Elaine Marshall,  administrative judge, Municipal Courts, 713-837-0311
  • Gwendolyn Goins, public information officer, Municipal Courts, 713-837-0311


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