June 30: Supreme Court decisions affect Texas

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host
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HOUSTON - It was a very busy week at the Supreme Court resulting in many decisions that will have direct and indirect impacts on the state of Texas.

On "Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall," experts in the Supreme Court, constitutional law and appeals processes offer their analysis of what's next.

Professor Peter Linzer is former editor of the Columbia Law Review and teaches constitutional law at the University of Houston Law Center. He said the University of Texas has some work to do as the Court ruled against a portion of their admissions policy that uses race to achieve diversity.

"They need to show that they're not treating applicants as just markers of the race, people with a color stamped on their forehead," Linzer said.

Professor Josh Blackman is assistant professor at the South Texas College of Law and specializes in constitutional law. He too weighed in on the merits of the Supreme Court's decisions on UT, the Voting Rights Act and the striking down of the Defense Off  Marriage Act.

KPRC legal analyst Brian Wice said the ruling against a section of the Voting Rights Act may show the Court's mentality about racism in America

"I think what the majority makes clear, is that we no longer need to go to defcon one, at least in those states initially affected by the tenor of the times a generation ago," Wice said.

Our panel of experts go over the major decisions that affect Texas and say though it may seem like a final decision has been made, many of them have miles to go before reaching a final conclusion.

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