July 5: Local Congressional delegation at odds about way forward

HOUSTON - With fewer than 30 days of actual legislation on the calendar prior to the November elections, Republicans and Democrats will be hard-pressed to pass meaningful legislation.

That was the take away after U.S. Rep Pete Olson (R - Sugar Land), and U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D – Houston), met on Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall.

Both talked about areas where they thought bipartisan progress was made, such as in issues on transportation, but the much bigger conversation was about areas where they differ. Health care reform and the attorney general held in contempt of Congress stand out as key areas of disagreement.

What are the chances for any legislation between now and the election? Tune in to see what you think about the work being done on your behalf in Washington, D.C.

Also this week, the fight to save Battleship Texas! That 100-year-old icon of World Wars I & II is in danger of sinking as the ravages of time take their toll on the hull of the historic ship.

Bruce Bramlett is the executive director of the Battleship Texas Foundation and Tony Gregory is the chairman of the Board of Directors for the organization tasked with keeping Battleship Texas intact so that it can continue to be source of pride and history for all to see.

See what you can do to make a difference in the fate of Battleship Texas.

This week it is a web-only, broadcast but don't miss over-the-air telecasts of Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall, Sundays at 10 a.m. right after NBC's Meet The Press.  

More Information:

U.S. Rep. Pete Olson (R), Sugar Land, 281-494-2690, www.olson.house.gov/

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D), Houston, 713-655-0050, www.jacksonlee.house.gov

Bruce Bramlett, Executive Director, Battleship Texas Foundation , 713-827-9620, www.BattleshipTexas.org

Tony Gregory, Board Chair, Battleship Texas, 713-827-9260 , www.BattleshipTexas.org

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