Houston Newsmakers July 27: Border crisis solutions; Liftoff Houston

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

HOUSTON - As thousands of undocumented children, women and men stream across the Texas border, the arguments on both side of the political spectrum rage about the best way to solve the problem.

This week on Houston Newsmakers, the experts who study the U.S. Policies and the countries responsible for the exodus into our country, talk about the problems and solutions.

Mark Jones is the Director of the Rice University Political Science Department and says the order by Governor Perry to send the National Guard to the border is not likely to help.

"I think this has far more to do with partisan politics in general and Rick Perry's 2016 Presidential bid in particular than it has to do with actually resolving things on the border," said Dr, Jones.

Jeronimo Cortina is Professor of Political Science in the UHCenter for Mexican Studies, and agrees.

"This is a regional issue that has to be fixed as a regional issue," he said. "Sending more troops to the border, sending DPS personnel actually doesn't do anything."

Tony Payan is a professor & Director of Rice University's Baker Institute Mexico Center and says the problem needs to be solved by congress agreeing what to do but other countries have a major role to play.

"President Obama and the failure of the President to call on Congress or to offer them a deal isn't enough for Congress to buy in," he said. "Mexico is also failing to its own job."

It is a wide ranging conversation with these experts about all aspects of the immigration and Central American problem with guest host Keith Garvin.

Also this week, the unique competition for Houston small business owners. Carlecia Wright is the Director of the City of Houston Office of Business Opportunity and says:

"You have to have a product or a service that you're providing or an innovative idea or concept that you want to enter into the market-place."

The winners of the competition win cash prizes of up to $30,000 and all competitors get help to make their businesses better.

"A lot of our small businesses, they have these wonderful ideas and many of them know how to provide the service," said Laurie Vignaud, Senior vice President Capital One Bank. "But they don't know how to connect the dots."

Great information on two important topics!

More Information:
• Mark Jones, Ph.D.,Professor & Director, Rice University Political Science Department. 713-348-4842
• Jeronimo Cortina, Ph.D., Professor, Political Science & Center for Mexican Studies, University of Houston , 713-743-3890, www.uh.edu/class/political-science
• Tony Payan, Ph.D., Professor & Director-Rice University Baker Institute Mexico Center. 713-348-3762,
• Carlecia Wright, Director Houston Office of Business Opportunity, 832-393-0600
• Laurie Vignaud, Sr. VP, Capital One Business Development 832-393-0600

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