Houston Newsmakers Sept. 11: Election stretch & fighting substance abuse

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

HOUSTON - Election Heading Down the Stretch AND Fighting Substance Abuse in Ft. Bend County

The campaign for President is heading down the stretch. On Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall, one guest is Political Science expert Professor Mark Jones, PhD., a Fellow in Political Science at the Baker Institute at Rice University. He says Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has had to change her game plan. “What’s clear is that she’s going to continue to have to fight for votes,”he said.  “And address many of the continuing drips and drabs of scandal that keep coming out, either related to the Clinton Foundation or related to her e-mail server.”

Gary Polland is the former chair of the Harris County Republican Party and editor of the Texas Conservative Review and says these final few weeks of the campaign it will come down to how well Donald Trump can “look” presidential. “ Hillary Clinton has said that Donald Trump really isn’t capable of being President of the United States,” he said. “If the American people believe that he IS then this race will go down to the wire.”

The Trump candidacy is also expected to have an impact on down ballot races here and across the country. One race in Harris County that could be impacted is the District Attorney’s race where Polland says Kim Ogg has amassed quite the war chest in her race against D.A. Devon Anderson. “My sources tell me she has a million dollars ready to spend in the race, which is huge,” Polland said.

Jones also says the down ballot races could also be hurt by Donald Trump’s candidacy because of what  he’s said and how he’s said it during this campaign.  “Some Republicans aren’t going to turn out to vote,” he said. “Many Latinos that sometimes vote Republican are more likely to vote democratic because of Donald Trump’s inflammatory, and for many, offensive rhetoric”


Forty six percent of Ft. Bend High School students have used alcohol and 26% have used marijuana, according to the statistics provided by The Fort Bend Regional Council on Substance Abuse. Since 1976, the FBRC has been tackling the challenge of substance abuse in Ft. Bend County Schools. Leandra Henderson is Program Manager for the FBRC and says the good news is that the numbers have been falling and shows the positive impact of their programs. Leandra is joined by Youth Intervention Counselor Leon Trimmingham who introduce viewers to the FBRC programs and how the community can help. The website is www.fortbendcouncil.org

Contact information for this week’s guests:

  • Mark Jones, Ph.D., Fellow in Political Science, Baker Institute at Rice University, 713-783-9188, www.komen-houston.org
  • Gary Polland, Editor Texas Conservative Review, 713 266-8777, www.literacyadvance.org
  • Leandra Henderson, Program Manager, Ft. Bend County Regional Council on Substance Abuse, 281-207-2400, www.fortbendcouncil.org
  • Leon Trimmingham, Youth Prevention Counselor, Ft. Bend County Regional Council on Substance Abuse, 281-207-2400, www.fortbendcouncil.org

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