Feb. 16: Gearing up for early voting for March primaries

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

HOUSTON - "You take care of your outstanding warrants before I take care of it for you" -- That's the warning by Houston Police Department Lt. Michelle Chavez for anyone with outstanding warrants.

Lt. Chavez is part of HPD's Special Operations unit that will be out in force in Southeast Texas starting March 1 as part of the annual Great Warrant Round up. Houston Municipal Court Administrative Judge Elaine Marshall joined Lt. Chavez as guests on this week's Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall.

"If you have outstanding warrants and tickets that are pending, it's an effort that is statewide now that has over 300 law enforcement agencies collectively trying to give you an opportunity to  come in, take care of your warrants so that you won't be arrested," said Judge Marshall.

At any given time there are more than 300,000 outstanding warrants in Houston. Police agencies throughout Texas will arrest violators where they are. Go to this link to get specific information about this year's round up: www.houstontx.gov/courts/

Also this week, preparing for early voting for the March primaries with both sides of the political divide. Jenard Jenkins, the Communications Director for the Harris County Democratic Party, says Democrats feel good about their chances this year.

"We have the demographics on our side we're consistently winning the big counties -- Bexar County, Dallas County, Harris County. There is excitement in the state of Texas and we're just excited about it," he said.

Jared Woodfill, the Chair of the Harris County Republican Party, says not so fast.

"Romney won Texas by 17 points. Every single statewide office is held by Republicans with substantial majorities in State House and State Senate and the Democrats are not going to break in," he said. "In 2002 we heard about their dream team. It was anything but a dream for them. It was a nightmare and that's what's going to happen again."

Lively and important conversation on this weeks' Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall Sunday at 10 a.m. right after Meet the Press with David Gregory.

More Information:
•Jenard Jenkins, Communications Director, Harris County Democratic Party, 713-802-0085, www.harrisdemocrats.com
•Jared Woodfill, Chair Harris County Republican Party, 713-838-7900,  www.harriscountygop.com
•Judge Elaine Marshall, Administrative Judge Houston Municipal Courts, 713-837-0311, www.houstontx.gov/courts/
•Lt. Michelle Chavez, HPD Special Operations, 713-884-3131, www.houstonpolice.org

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