Dec. 29: Mayor Parker lays out plans for final 2 years

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

HOUSTON - Houston Mayor Annise Parker joined Houston Newsmakers in the program taped on December 12. She laid out her plans for the final two years at the helm of the nation's fourth largest city.

"I love this city!" is a phrase she often repeats to anyone who will listen. Parker is fond of the city and of being mayor is not in doubt. What is less clear is her continued ability to guide the progress she said is well on the way to making much needed improvements.

Mayor Parker cited progress in re-building roads and sewer systems and other city infrastructure as examples of progress and the need to continue on that path. The Hobby Airport expansion, METRO Light Rail expansion are two more examples she points to as proof the city has been on the right track.

"We're a city of business. We're a city of commerce. We are a global trade and commerce destination. We're also a very livable city and people who come here discover that and they end up staying which is one of the reasons Houston continues to grow so fast," Mayor Parker said.

Mayor Parker spoke about the biggest challenges ahead, including improving the underfunded city pension plans.

"We have about a $5 billion under funding in our pension system. But people shouldn't get hung up on what the underfunding number is. It's what causes it and how you get out of it," she said.  

Harriet Wasserstrum, president of the American Leadership Forum  Houston Gulf Coast Chapter, joined Newsmakers to discuss the amazing organization, which for more than 30 years has been bringing diverse leaders together to better serve the public good. Mayor Parker is a graduate of that program, as are many of the men and women in positions of leadership in southeast Texas. Among the topics of conversation is the book "Everything We Know About Leadership: Is Less Than We Still Have to Learn."

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