Dec. 2: Houston's HIV Infections

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

HOUSTON - Houston is the fourth fastest-growing region for new HIV infections. Approximately 27,000 people in Houston are infected and 20 percent of them don't know it!

That's why AIDS activists are pushing education as the key to overcoming this disease. Kelly Young is the CEO of  AIDS Foundation Houston and on this week's Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall talks about why the fight against AIDS has seemed to shrink, while the challenge continues to grow.

Nike Blue is the Vice President for Preventive Services for AIDS Foundation Houston. She joins the panel and as co-chair of the African American State of Emergency Task Force, talks about the challenges within the African American Community that see 1 in 40 African American Houstonians living with HIV.

Cathy Wiley, a City of Houston Training Administrator in the health department weighs in with the support the city is giving to various non profits working to get the word out.

Lovell Jones is back.  He is the Director of the MD Anderson Center for Health Equity & Evaluation Research. He has an update on the status of our health care in Southeast Texas. The Affordable Care Act will be implemented across the country but there is still resistance from several governors who will refuse to create state health-insurance exchanges which are key components of the Affordable Care Act implementation. Texas Governor Rick Perry is one of those saying our state will not take part.  Dr. Jones provides his insight into what that will mean for the quality of health care in Southeast Texas.

Also this week, what does the "Fiscal Cliff" really mean?

Dr. Ron Johnson, Dean of the Texas Southern Jesse H. Jones School of Business and Dr. Steven Craig, Economics Professor at the University of Houston provide a unique perspective about the talks going on in Washington. They'll also give insightful viewpoints on our economy: why failed policies have been allowed to continue for so long, and the prospect for those policies to continue even if a "fiscal cliff"  agreement is reached in Washington, D.C.

It is a fast-moving and informative half hour! Watch Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall Sunday at 10 a.m., right after Meet the Press with David Gregory.

More Information:

  • Kelly Young, CEO AIDS Foundation Houston, 713-623-6796,
  • Nike Blue, VP Preventive Services, AIDS Foundation Houston, 713-623-6796,
  • Cathy Wiley, Training Administrator, City of Houston, 713-970-7000,
  • Lovell A. Jones, PhD, Dir.MD Anderson Center for Health Equity & Evaluation Research, 713-792-2121,
  • Steven Craig, PhD,Economics Professor, University of Houston, 713-743-3800,
  • Ron Johnson, PhD,Dean, TSU Jesse H. Jones School of Businessonomics Professor, University of Houston , 713-313-7215,

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