Dec. 16: Houston Public Works Department

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host
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HOUSTON - Houston Public Works and Engineering Director Daniel Krueger says his department works 24/7 to keep the city in working order.  With more than 900,000 street and traffic control signs and 16,000 miles of streets to maintain, you get a sense of why the job is never truly finished.

Krueger talks about the goals of the department and what he is asking everyone to do to help achieve those goals.

Dale Rudick is the Deputy Director, Public Works-ReBuild Houston and says that program, approved by voters to maintain Houston drainage on a "pay as you go" system, is working even better than hoped. Rudick and Krueger join Khambrel Marshall on this week's Houston Newsmakers program to answer many more questions. Why aren't Houston's streets smoother?

What's in store for the 2013 Texas Legislative session? State Senator Rodney Ellis stops by for his take on what to expect. The Republican view will come next week.

Just in time for the holidays, the Houston Arts Alliance has a unique way for you to support the arts. Marie Jacinto, Director of Communications for the Houston Arts Alliance talks about the unique way everyone can give to the arts through friends and loved ones!  Carol Watson, Development Director for the Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park is one of the beneficiaries and talks about the special role the Heritage Society plays in preserving the history of Houston.

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More Information:

·      Daniel Krueger, Director-Houston Public Works & Engineering, 832-395-2511

·      Dale Rudick, Deputy Director Houston Public Works/ReBuild Houston, 832-395-2511,

·      State Senator Rodney Ellis, (D) Houston ,281-261-2360,

·      Marie Jacinto, Director Communications-Houston Arts Alliance, 713-527-9339,

·      Carol Watson,  Development Director-Heritage Society-Sam Houston Park , 713-655-1919

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