Aug. 19: Back to school challenges for students, parents

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

HOUSTON - As Houston-area schools prepare to open once again for the fall, the largest school district in the state has plenty to do.

Orlando Riddick, chief high school officer for the Houston Independent School District, joins host Khambrel Marshall to talk about the many changes in store for students and parents heading back to HISD schools. Among the topics: HISD'spriorities for teachers preparing for the new year,itsbiggest challenges in and out of the classroom and its reasons for the proposed almost $2billion bond that will be put before voters in November.

Also this week, how young is too young to put your child into a learning environment?

Carol Shattuck, president & chief executive officer of Collaborative for Children, has expert advice on what to look for when deciding on early childhood educational opportunities for your child. Shattuck says from birth to 3 years old is the most important learning period a child will ever have.

Dr. Bob Sanborn, president & CEO of Children at Risk, joins Shattuck in talking about the benefits of focusing on the early years of our children so that the dividends are paid later in their lives.

Shattuck and Sanborn also talk about the biggest challenges parents will face and how to handle them to make sure your children get the best educational opportunity possible.

The Republican National Convention is a bit more than a week away. University of Houston Political Science professor Jeremy Bailey stops by to offer his analysis on the impact of the Ted Cruz win in the Republican Senate primary and the effect U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan will have as the vice president on the Republican presidential ticket.

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