How one Houston group is hoping to prevent veteran suicides

HOUSTON – The PTSD Foundation of America says that 22 veterans commit suicide each day. That startling statistic is one of the driving forces behind its mission to help veterans returning home from war.

"We're losing that many every single day by their own hands," said David Maulsby, executive director of the PTSD Foundation of American and Camp Hope. "That's men and women who've gone to war, come home and their mom's getting a phone call they should never get and the community has got to step up. We've got to help them come home."

Maulsby was a guest on this week's Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall and said Camp Hope, which is run by the PTSD Foundation of America, is a unique place using peer to peer counseling as a part of its successful formula.

"To be able to house that family together and help them learn how to communicate and work together again as a functional family is a key to what we believe is our long-term success in not only saving a veteran's life but changing it."

See the full program and ways to support Camp Hope on this week's program and in the information area below.

Cyberbullying is killing our teens

The full-time job of Jammy Kiggundu is attorney but his passion is advocating for parents and children and against all forms of cyberbullying.  

"One in five girls will be cyberbullied," he said. "One in ten boys will be cyberbullied. Ninety-two percent of teens are using social media and one of the leading causes of teen death is suicide."

Find out how he accidentally fell into the fight against cyberbullying, what you need to know about this dangerous trend and how to get involved,

Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall airs at 10:30 a.m. Sunday.

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