Houston Newsmakers on Oct. 27: D.C. politics, health care and more

What's next with D.C. politics?

The impeachment inquiry underway in Washington has more twists and turns than could be imagined as Democrats and Republicans are at significant odds about just about everything under the sun. UH Political Science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus, Ph.D. is a guest on this week's Houston Newsmakers and says whether it's the process or the facts coming out, this inquiry is very problematic. "Republicans are really worried that this is going to bleed over into the elections and clearly the fact that it's still an issue on the front burner is going to create some political problems for them in many of these districts where you've got swing voters who are worried that President Trump is doing things he shouldn't do.!" More from Dr. Rottinghaus on national and local politics and what we should focus on.

Everything you know about health care is wrong

Dr. Tim Garson is the Director of the Health Policy Institute in the Texas Medical Center. That makes him imminently qualified to offer opinions about healthcare. He does not hold back with his new book, "Exposing the 20 Medical Myths. What are the pros and cons of Medicare for All? Why is it a myth when someone says the United States has the best health care in the world? "In life expectancy, we're about 50th in the world," he said. "Infant mortality we're about 50th in the world. So that's called the 50-50 Club.  And so with respect to healthcare…not so good." "Why everything you know about health care is wrong', is the sub-title of his book. It is an insightful conversation.

Men of Substance: Using Fashion for a Good Cause

It started as the "Men of Syle 20 years ago! Now known as the "Men of Substance" the organization is celebrating men in the community who devote their lives to public service while also raising money for the fight to treat and find a cure for Sickle Cell.  The event will be Friday November 1st. Michael Aldridge and Cary Yates, Men of Substance board members, talk about the event, its relevance and the hopes for the future. www.Letthefashionsbegin.com 

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Brandon Rottinghaus, Ph.D., UH Political Science Professor  
Email: Brotthinghaus@uh.edu 
Twitter: @UHouston

Dr. Tim Garson, Director, Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute Ph.D.
Author: Exposing the 20  Medical Myths
Twitter: @TXMedCenter  
Mark Aldridge and Cary Yates, Men of Substance
Instagram: Menofsubstancegala 

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