Newsmakers for Nov. 25: Common Sense Saves Lives from Fire

HOUSTON – Christmas trees are the source of hundreds of fires in the United States. As you plan your holiday season Spring Fire Department Firefighter Jacob Baileys says remember incandescent lights are a heat source.

“You want to make sure you check your bulbs as you put the lights on,” he said. “Check the cords at the home and make sure they’re not damaged or frayed. Also if you have a wreath on the door that has lighting on it, the cord has to run through the door so watch whenever the door has to be opened or closed.”

Deputy Chief Jerod Davenport says the climate this time of the year is one of the reasons for increased fire danger in the home. “The space heaters, the decorations that you pull out and put up during this time. The use of candles, the use of lights that may be damaged or worn out over the years they continue to use,” he said are some of the causes for the fires. More advice on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel  Marshall.

Prairie View A&M Takes Lead in Solving Food Insecurity Issues

Harris County is ranked fourth in the United States in food insecurity. What does that mean and what is Prairie View A & M University doing to change that dubious ranking?

Jaquelyn White, Ed. D. is the Program Leader of the Cooperative Extension Program at Prairie View A & M. She says they are working to educate about ways to increase access to fresh foods and save money in minority and underserved communities.

“We want to help make money last throughout the month. We’ve gotten away from purchasing beans and rice and other items that can be staples within the home that parents can cook throughout the month and it’s not as expensive.” 

Pay Parity Impacts Credit Rating & District D Party with a Purpose for Senior Citizens

Voters passed Houston’s Proposition B in the November 6th election that gives firefighters pay parity with Houston Police. Mayor Sylvester Turner campaigned against the proposition, saying such a vote would mean layoffs.

Now in reaction to that vote the Fitch credit rating agency has dropped Houston’s rating from stable to negative. Houston City Councilmember representing District D, Dwight Boykins is a guest on this week’s Newsmakers and says he is not deterred.

“I’m not going to give up on our city in terms of the asset we have. And I’m not going to give up on the residents of the city of Houston who want this. It’s our job to make it work,” he said. Boykins is also promoting the December 8th District D Holiday Tree Lighting celebration that will raise funds for senior citizens. “For the past four years, we’ve donated the proceeds to the seniors to help with minor home repairs,” he said. “Last year was a 15 thousand dollar donation. This year we’re hoping to donate twenty.”

Houston Newsmakers Sunday morning at 10:30 on KPRC, Channel 2.

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Jacob Bailey, Firefighter Spring Fire Department
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Jacquelyn White, Ed.D., Cooperative Extension Program, Prairie View A & M
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Dwight Boykins, Houston City Council Member, District D
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