Houston Newsmakers for Nov. 28, 2018: Harris County Democrats ready for Election Day

Challenge of trying to change trend

HOUSTON – Are there political upsets in the making Election Day this Nov. 6? Lillie Schechter, the Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party certainly hopes so. Schechter said the biggest challenge is to get Democrats to come out and vote. “If you look at the numbers of people who have been turning out in Texas over the last 20 years, our turnout has been the bottom, worst than all the other states,” she said. “When people stay home, you cede your power to the other side.”

Schechter said Democrats have a chance to flip the 7th Congressional District seat of John Culberson and said contrary to what people think, Texas is not a red state. Find out her reasoning behind that statement.

Voting on ReBuild Houston initiative…again!

Houston’s Proposition A is on the ballot. It asks Houstonians to vote again on the ReBuild Houston initiative designed to improve the quality of life of Houstonians through better drainage and streets.

Mayor Sylvester Turner is all for it. Former Houston mayoral contender Bill King said "Not so fast."

King said several major promises have been broken along the way. “We were told, if we contribute this additional $100 million a year in taxes, which we’ve been paying now for seven years, if we did that, we’d get more infrastructure, streets and drainage spending and we would pay down our debt and neither one of those has happened.”

King has much more to say about why he says to vote "no' on Proposition A.

Morris Day headlines UNCF Gala

The United Negro College Fund raises millions of dollars a year to support students who want to attend historically black colleges and universities. The 30th Annual “A Mind is…” Gala will raise money and awareness next month with help from Morris Day and The Time.

Juana Collins, the UNCF area director for Houston, said UNCF is about helping more than just historically black colleges and universities. “We also provide scholarship opportunities for students who are going to Texas A&M, University of Houston, U of H, also Harvard and Baylor,” she said.  “So we’re providing opportunities to minority students to go to college. That is truly our mission.”

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