'Houston Newsmakers' for June 3: The start of the 2018 hurricane season


Chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley on preparing to prepare

HOUSTON – Ready or not, the 2018 hurricane season is here.

Hurricane Harvey and 2017 were not kind to Houston and Texas. KPRC2 chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley, who is a guest on this week’s edition of Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall, said it only takes one storm to mess up your summer and that all storms in tropical environments can be trouble.

“Whenever you have a storm of any kind, which we now just call a tropical cyclone over tropical water, it can do a lot or all of three things,” he said. “Surge, wind and rain -- that’s really what you’ve got to watch for.” Find out the best advice for being ready on this week’s Houston Newsmakers.

Texas Black Expo celebrates 15 years

June 7 will be the start of the Summer Celebration weekend for the Texas Black Expo.

This year, the celebration is acknowledging its 15 anniversary and is titled "Resilience: Weathering the Storms of Business." Founder and CEO Jerome Love said the Expo is a big part of a healthy business environment.

“We believe everybody should be empowered to choose their own destiny, and a big part of that is having the economics and the resources to do so,” he said. “So having strong businesses is vitally important because businesses support and sustain communities.”

Atlas Scholars exposed to energy & finance career paths

Craig Taylor founded and runs three companies in Houston but he will tell you that his passion is with the Atlas Scholars program, which he founded to give young people a chance to experience the energy and finance industry.

“The educational system is really not preparing them for what is going to be required of them when they end up in a job setting, when they’re in the professional environment," Taylor said. “We’re really trying to close that gap, give them the exposure and experience and also the optionality.”

Taylor is an impressive man whose passion is making a difference. Watch this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall.

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