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Police-involved shootings and Galveston Bay

HOUSTON – Ray Hunt is the President of the Houston Police Officers Union and says he is confident the recent shooting of Alvin Braziel, while tragic, will be ruled a justified shooting because of the evidence at the scene, including police body camera video which began rolling “after” the shooting. “The Mayor has done exactly what he should have done,” Hunt said. “He released all the evidence that he had as soon as he could because of the misinformation out there.” Hunt says he believes Braziel was not innocently looking for his horse that night as some have said and that he was most likely selling drugs.

Much more surprising information from Hunt on the Braziel shooting, the police body camera guidelines and much more on this week’s Houston Newsmakers online.


The Galveston Bay Watershed covers almost 24-thousand miles and half the Texas population lives within it!
That’s why the 2nd annual Galveston Bay Report card is so important to not only Southeast Texans and many more. Bob Stokes is the president of the Galveston Bay Foundation which works with the Houston Advanced Research Center to put the report together. “The overall grade for the 2nd year in a row is a “C” and we’ve labeled “C” as adequate for now but we also recognize that “C” is something that needs to be better.” Nineteen indicators were analyzed and narrowed into six major categories with “Water Quality” getting the highest grade of A with “Habitat” receiving the lowest grade of “D”.  “Invasive Species” is also a concern for many of the rivers and bayous that make up the Galveston Bay Watershed. “Invasive species can have a number of negative impacts,” said Lisa Gonzalez, President & CEO of Houston Advanced Research Center, “including ecological impacts, negative impacts on the environment that can also be detrimental to the economy and society at large.”

For more details of the Galveston Bay report card, go to www.GalvBayGrade.org

Contact information for this week’s guests:

  • Ray Hunt, President, Houston Police Officers Union, 832-200-3410 www.hpou.org 
  • Bob Stokes, President, Galveston Bay Foundation, 281-332-3381,  www.GalvBay.org  
  • Lisa Gonzalez, President & CEO Houston Advanced Research Center, 281-364-6000, www.HARCresearch.org

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