Houston Newsmakers for Aug. 4

Battle for president and school safety

HOUSTON – Paul Simpson is the Chair of the Harris County Republican Party. After attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July, he comes away feeling the GOP gearing up for November with nominee Donald Trump.” The Republican candidate was selected by the voters whereas the DNC emails that have been leaked show how rigged the Democratic process was.” Simpson went head to head with Harris County Democratic Communications Chair Jenard Jenkins who said the Democrats made history by nominating the first woman to lead a major ticket into an election while the Republican candidate lost support after the RNC. “Basically they saw him, they heard him and the more they saw and the more they heard, the more they disliked him.”


Simpson says no real issues of importance are being discussed right now and hopes that will change soon. “I think we should be discussing, with the issues facing the country,who’s going to  have the solutions to improving  our economy, for keeping us safe in a very dangerous world.”

“Donald Trump doesn’t have any solutions”,said Jenkins who added, “and has no plans and is unfit for the presidency.”  It is a very lively discussion on this week’s Houston Newsmakers online.


Crime Stoppers of Houston is prepping for the upcoming school year by alerting school administrators and parents about their Safe School program that is in 26 school districts and is absolutely free with one main goal, said Executive Director Rania Mankarious. “To keep kids safe in school and that means studying all potential threats whether in areas of greatest wealth to greatest need.” Michelle Sacks is the Safe Schools Manager and said some techniques being taught can keep a bad situation from getting worse. “We teach de-escalation techniques”, she said. “We know that these kids have bad days sometimes so how are we going to de-escalate this because at the end of the day we want them in class so they can learn.” Find out more at www.crime-stoppers.org

Contact information for this week’s guests:

• Paul Simpson, Chair Harris County GOP, 713-838-7900 www.harriscountygop.com 
• Jenard Jenkins, Director of Communications, Harris County Democratic Party, 713-802-0085,  www.harrisdemocrats.com 
• Mani Rankourias, Executive Director Crime Stoppers of Houston, 713-521-4600, www.crime-stoppers.org
• Michelle Sacks, Safe School Manager, Crime Stoppers of Houston, 713-521-4600, www.crime-stoppers.org 

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