Oct. 8: Presidential debate analysis

HOUSTON – The first presidential debate is in the books and by all accounts it was an impressive performance by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. But how well did he really do? Our "Dream Team" analysts weigh in with their break down of the debates high and low points for both candidates and what they will need to do when they next meet.

Sonny Messiah Jiles, publisher & chief executive officer of Defender Media Group, was an original commentator when Houston Newsmakers first aired in the 1990s. She joins another original member of the Newsmakers commentators, Senator Dan Patrick, (R) Houston. 

Jiles and Patrick have always had spirited debates, and this time is no different as they agreed on only one thing -- that Mitt Romney won the debate against President Barack Obama ... on style.

Substance and details, said Jiles, was lacking in several key areas while Patrick said Romney's performance was a game-changer as both candidates head into the final stretch.

BREAKING NEWS!  Patrick has been named Chair of the Texas Senate Education Committee!  

Patrick talks about initial plans for the Texas legislative session that begins in January, and he and Jiles exchange ideas about what the priorities should be when legislators converge on Austin.

Also this week, one of the reasons not to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month is the alarmingly high rate of Hispanics diagnosed with diabetes. About 11.8 percent of those diagnosed with diabetes are Hispanic, compared to 7.1 percent of non-Hispanic whites.

*Diabetes strikes Hispanics at younger ages than non-Hispanic whites.

*Diabetes rates more than doubled for Hispanics who were obese.

Joining Khambrel to discuss this alarming trend and what can be done to prevent or slow down this disease are Dr. Ann Barnes, the director for weight management services for the Harris Health System, and Gina Martinez Peterson, director of strategic partnerships and supervisor of the "Y" Diabetes Prevention Program.

Find out what causes diabetes and what you can do to keep the odds low that you will be diagnosed with this seventh leading cause of death!

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