Young women target Upper Kirby businesses

HOUSTON - A group of young women that targeted businesses in the Upper Kirby area stole cellphones and wallets from employees at three stores.

The crime spree happened on Sunday afternoon at the Shepherd Square Shopping Center, 2075 Westheimer Road. Sources told KPRC Local 2 that the same group of five young women hit seven businesses. Some of the suspects appeared to be teenagers.

The group walked into a Massage Heights pretending to be related to someone who was getting a massage.

"She asked to use the restroom," the manager said. "All of our therapists were in session at the time. She just helped herself."

He said the suspect snuck into the employee break room and stole one of the worker's wallets from their locker while no one was looking. Then, she tried to steal another worker's wallet from the back office while a woman was inside doing some paperwork. When the employee realized the young woman was standing there, the suspect said she was lost.

The crime was caught on surveillance cameras.

"I would assume by the video that this isn't the first time that they've done something like that," the manager said. "They probably cased the establishments before they set foot in them"

Massage Heights said it will take more precautions, especially during the holiday season.

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