Would-be thief causes cancellations of West Columbia Little League games

Building flooded after pipe breaks during recent break-in

WEST COLUMBIA, Texas - A would-be thief kept West Columbia Little League teams from taking to the field this weekend.

Police are investigating a messy break-in that damaged the organization's concession stand, leaving it and the surrounding area flooded.

Board member Callie Spiller said the suspect or suspects got into the building through the men's restroom and then made a hole in the wall. In the process, they broke a pipe and flooded the building.

Spiller arrived at the ballpark Friday morning and saw water surrounding the entire building. Inside, the water was ankle-deep.

"The bathroom door was open, and water was pouring from the concession stand and the bathrooms," said Spiller.

Because of the mess, Friday's games were canceled.

"For someone to come out and take things from the kids, to cancel the games, they were upset. I don't know how anyone could do that," said Spiller.

Spiller said the thieves found a safe in the building but weren't able to get the money inside. She estimates about $300 was in the safe, money used to pay referees after the games.

The break-in comes just as West Columbia Little League prepares to make its final loan payment on the building itself. The board is now dealing with an unexpected expense.

"It's dumb. We could have fixed up the ball field," said Little League player Kameron Craig.

Spiller said there have been break-ins before, but the damage was never so severe.

The organization is now planning to install more security gates around the building and surveillance cameras.

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