Women in apartment complex on alert after man exposes himself

HOUSTON - Women in one west Houston apartment complex are on high alert after a man exposed himself to several women.

Junny Parrales said a stranger wiped away the comfort she felt steps away from her front door. Walking her dog at night, she spotted the man standing between a building at her Walden of Westchase apartment. 

"What was weird about it is that he was in the dark and not in the light," said Parrales. 

She kept on walking, turned a corner, hoping the man would leave. 

"Something just tells me look back and when I look back and I stop and I have the guy standing right there, and he's looking dead at me," Parrales said.

While Parrales wanted to run to her apartment, her dog Princess instead walked right up to the man. 

"So when I go down and I'm apologizing, looking at his eyes. I'm like, 'I'm sorry, sir. Sorry," she said. "And when I pick her up, he lifts up his shirt and that's when I could see you know he was exposed."

Parrales said the man wouldn't move so she ran around him into her apartment and called police. 

The next day, talking to neighbors, Parrales said she realized she wasn't the man's only victim. She said the same man followed at least five other women around the apartment complex, including her neighbor Cecy Moylan.

Moylan said she noticed the man walking close behind her. 

"All of sudden, a few minutes later, he dashes out running," she said. "So he was up to no good period," said Moylan.

Parrales said another woman noticed the man following her, this time exposing and pleasuring himself. Parrales said she knew of at least two other women he exposed himself to as well. 

Parrales said she and many of her neighbors are worried about what this man might do next. 

"It's scary, very, very scary. As a woman, I felt, I felt kind of betrayed," said Parrales.

Houston police said they met Parrales at her apartment and took a report. Police said they are investigating her case.

Parrales said several of the other women who were victims did not call police.

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