Women dance in stilettos to get fit

MONTROSE, Texas - The latest fitness craze has women leaving their sneakers at home and shaping up in high heels.

The Stiletto Fit Class in Montrose is based on the premise that if Beyoncé and Lady Gaga can stay fit dancing in high heels, so can you.

Quincy Toliver teaches Stiletto Fit at the Inner Me Studios exercise center. According to Toliver, the class is part dance, part sass and all about burning calories with confidence.

"It's real dance moves, but take it and modify it for regular people. You're dancing. You get your dance, you get your cardio, just like a regular class. And you get the dancer body."

That's why Heather Davis likes it. She told Local 2 she's been attending the classes four days a week since October.

"My legs are really toned. I like the ab workout. It's just really a full workout you wouldn't expect and I love it," Davis said.

Megan Moore is new to stiletto dancing.

"Today was my first time wearing heels. I just wore sneakers the first time. So it was challenging, but it was really fun," Moore said.

Fun or not, Dr. David S. Wolf, a podiatrist, has a warning for women who want to try the class.

"In any exercise, you need a stable base support and if you're wearing a high heel shoe, you know the angle and the gravity is now pushed forward. So all the stress is on the forefoot as well as the front of the leg and that causes a lot of tendonitis problems," said Wolf.

The class allows women to wear sneakers in lieu of heels.

The fee for the 75-minute class is $15 per person. The maximum number of participants is set at 25.

To register for the class, visit Inner Me's web site.

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