Women cling to trees in rushing floodwaters

MAGNOLIA, Texas - Two women clung to trees after floodwaters forced them out of their home.

The women were inside a home in the Stagecoach subdivision in Magnolia when the water started rising on Thursday.

"We were going to stay," Haley Seymour said. "Our landlord told us to get out."

Seymour said their landlord told them it would be safer for them to leave because waters had risen all the way to the roof of the home in past floods.

The women planned to walk about a mile to meet up with relatives. A creek along their path spilled out of its banks and flooded the area.

"The current was just too strong. It was going to sweep us back into the creek," Seymour said.

The women grabbed the nearest tree branch and called for help.

Magnolia volunteer firefighters sent out boats and took them to dry land.

The women were not hurt.

According to the National Weather Service, 8.5 inches of rain fell in the area on Thursday.

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