Woman's truck stolen twice in matter of weeks from office parking lot

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PASADENA, Texas - Local 2 has exclusive video of thieves taking a vehicle out of a local parking lot. One crook steals the truck and an accomplice follows behind. It's the second time the victim's truck was stolen from that very parking lot.

Jessica Biehle loves her big, blue truck like a mother loves her young. So when thieves snatched it from her office parking lot, she was devastated -- both times.

"I was parked right here," Biehle told us. "I can't believe this just happened again."

The truck was stolen the first time on September 16. Police found it stripped and abandoned in north Houston three days later.

"Took my sound system out, removed all four rims and tires, cracked my rear bumper jumping up and down trying to release my spare tire. Stole mirrors, cracked dashboard, cracked center console. Pretty bad," said Biehle.

It took a full month and $6,000 to rebuild the truck. And then on her first day back at work.

"Honestly, an hour and a half after I brought it back it was stolen again," she said.

Surveillance cameras recorded the thieves in a light-colored Cadillac cruising the parking a few minutes earlier. The car backed into a parking space next to Biehle's truck.

"I leaned back and saw a man in my truck. I took off running out this door to try to catch him but about the time I hit here in the parking lot they swung out into the feeder and took off," she said.

Biehle thinks it's more than bad luck. In August, another employee had his truck stolen twice from this same lot. And there have been other incidents.

Chris Acardo's truck was stolen from the same lot two years ago.

"It was gone in 15 seconds,"  said Acardo. "They come and steal vehicles out of this parking lot constantly, but nothing is ever done about it."

Pasadena police say there hasn't been a rash of theft from the lot at Red Bluff and the Beltway.  They say there have just been four thefts involving the two trucks there since January.

But they are planning to circulate that video of the last theft in hopes it will lead them to the thieves who stole Biehle's truck.

Each time Biehle's truck was stolen, it was later found abandoned in northeast Houston. Pasadena police are asking anyone with information on the thefts to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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