Woman's dog taken during burglary

HOUSTON - Burglars took a woman's high-end electronics and her 8-year-old Yorkie.

Sarah Louviere said she arrived at the Broadstone Uptown Lofts, 3363 McCue, on Monday night and found that someone had broken into her home.

"They weren't able to kick the door in, so they actually pried it open with a crowbar," Louviere said. "It was a steel door, so it was all bent and the deadbolt was broken."

Louviere said her electronic items were gone, and so was her little dog.

"I just saw that the door was open, so I pushed it open a little and I called for my dog," she said. "When she didn't come and I saw the furniture was flipped over, I didn't enter the apartment at all."

Louviere said she can deal with losing her electronics, but losing her Yorkie, named Anna, has left her heartbroken.

"My dog is like my kid, so I definitely miss her," she said. "That's the biggest part of what has happened. The other things are materialistic, they can be replaced but the dog is the biggest concern."

Anyone with information about the break-in, or Anna's whereabouts, is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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