Woman 'upskirted' at store

Surveillance video shows a man taking cell phone pictures up her dress

LEAGUE CITY, Harris County - A woman confronted a man at a convenience store after he snapped pictures underneath her dress.

During a trip to a League City Race Way gas station in the 1400 block of West Main Street, Fallon Fraker caught the attention of a stranger.
She said it was a man who violated her without her even knowing.

"When I was getting out of the car, he was leaving the store," said Fraker. "As soon as he saw me walk into the store, he turned around and went back inside."

Fraker said she shrugged it off and kept shopping.

But surveillance cameras inside the store showed the man creeping closer to her.

"He got in line behind me," Fraker said.

"I gave him the opportunity to go in front of me because I wasn't ready to check out and he said 'oh, no, you go ahead.'"

While Fraker paid at the register, surveillance video showed the man pulling out his camera phone and snapping a picture underneath Fraker's dress. She didn't realize what happened, but two men pumping gas outside saw the entire act through the store window.

"As soon as I came out the door, they were screaming to let me know what he had just done," said Fraker. "So I thank God for those guys."

In the video, Fraker confronted the suspect as he walked into the parking lot to go to his motorcycle.

She said she even demanded that he hand over the phone.

"He just got on his bike and got away from me as fast as he could," Fraker said.

Just thinking that her personal images are in his hands disturbs Fraker.

But she said it has taught her to be more aware of who may be watching when you least expect it.

"I will be a lot more cautious," Fraker said. "I'm going to be keeping an eye a lot more than I used to."

League City police detectives are investigating and plan to review the surveillance video for any leads in the case.

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