Woman still missing 5 years after Hurricane Ike destroys home

Those still missing from the storm have haunted a concerned neighbor

By Phil Archer - Reporter

GALVESTON - A barren concrete slab is what's left of a Galveston woman's home, where she was last seen alive.

Glennis Dunn, a mother and professional pilot, tried to leave her home the Friday before Hurricane Ike boiled ashore on Bolivar.

"We do know she was alive on Friday morning and she left, or attempted to leave on Friday morning, but past that we don't know," said Brenda Henley, a Crystal Beach resident.

For the last five years the mystery of what happened to Dunn and at least 15 others still missing from the storm has haunted Henley. She even wrote a book about it.

Henley formed a special bond with Dunn's family.

Dunn loaded her dog into her car as the tide began to rise Friday, and told a neighbor she was leaving.

However, she may have waited too long. The tide rushed in quickly. Many residents were trapped on the peninsula, which was the only way out, when tide water covered the road.

A few hours later, Hurricane Ike's surge tied hit the coast like a sledge hammer. The next day Bolivar looked like a war zone. Dunn's family didn't hear from her after that and she's never been found.

"The car was found some weeks after the storm by her younger son. And the way they know for certain it was her car was an overnight bag and her son's military medals.

Brenda Henley still feels the loss and believes there were many more swept away. She and Dunn's family are still looking, but know the odds are slim of finding closure.

"This will be one of those mysteries I don't think will ever be solved," said Henley.

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