Woman shot & killed, witness holds suspect until police arrive

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter , Kelci Johnston - News Producer

HOUSTON - An innocent bystander put his own life on the line to stop the man accused of killing a woman at a gas station in southeast Houston.

It started around 6:30 p.m. Saturday, when a white van with four occupants parked at the Valero in the 7000 block of Scott Street.

"[A] verbal dispute broke out [inside the van]," said Officer Jennifer Saldana with the Houston Police Department.  "The driver was seen shooting at a front passenger female."

Chance Perkins, a witness at the scene, described the moment the shot rang out, while he stood just feet away:

"I look[ed] out of the corner of my eye and [saw] a silver pistol in this man's hand," said Perkins.  "I want[ed] to keep my distance, and then he just shot the victim like it was nothing.  Cold-blooded just right there, pulled [the gun] out in broad daylight and shot her."

Perkins not only witnessed the shooting, but stepped in to help hold the suspect before police arrived.

"I was five feet from him, and that's when flight or fight kicked in, and me and him got into it," Perkins said.  "I pushed my knee into the small of his back and got him on the ground."

According to reports, the suspect still had a gun in his hand at the time, and managed to fire three more shots while Perkins wrestled him to the ground.

When asked what motivated him to help diffuse the situation and hold such a dangerous suspect, Perkins had a straightforward response:

"I know what's right.  I gotta [sic] do it.  When I saw that happen, I couldn't live with myself if I just walked away or ran.  I couldn't do that."

Another bystander saw them struggle and rushed over to help prevent the suspect from running away or causing additional harm. 

Their actions provided officers the time they needed to arrive at the scene and arrest the suspect, investigators said.  He now faces murder charges.

As for Perkins, he said a crime like this is nothing you'd ever expect to witness.

"I [was] on my way home, and I just needed some gas.  And I see a Valero, and sure enough the price is right, and [now] here we are."

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