Woman shoots boyfriend, kills self

HOUSTON - A woman shot her boyfriend inside a Pearland home, chased him through a neighborhood and then killed herself, investigators said.

Pearland police said Wendy Weaver, 44, and Martin Elfrey, 45, had an argument at a home in the 5800 block of Grovesnor Street on Thursday afternoon.

Elfrey packed a bag and planned to spend the night elsewhere, investigators said. As he walked toward the door, he asked Weaver where she had hidden his gun, police said.

Detectives said Weaver went to a bedroom and got the gun. She then pointed the gun at Elfrey, who tried to run away, officials said.

Weaver fired at least two shots, police said. Elfrey was wounded in his back.

Police said Elfrey ran out the door and then ran through neighbors' yards to get away from Weaver, who chased him. Weaver cornered Elfrey in the back yard of another home and fired more shots, but missed, investigators said.

The owner of that home called 911 and an officer arrived in less than five minutes, police said. The officer talked to the homeowner, who directed him to the back yard. The officer found Elfrey lying on the ground while Weaver was standing, officials said.

Investigators said the officer took a defensive position over Elfrey while Weaver fired two more shots, missing both times.

Weaver then shot herself in the head, detectives said. She died at the scene.

Elfrey was taken by helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Police said they had been called out to the home 10 times between July 2011 and January 2012 for domestic disturbances.

"They were very unstable," said Jordan Guidry, Weaver's niece. "Their relationship was not the best, but I never thought things would get to this point, but she eventually just snapped."

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