Woman sees package being stolen off doorstep

HOUSTON - It's the time of the year when people look forward to finding a package on their doorstep, but thieves are also looking forward to that package and are trying to get to it before its rightful owner.

Gayathri Brown-Iyer said she left a package outside her door on Monday to be picked up by a shipper. She said she was surprised when she looked out her window and saw a woman walking away with it.

"Saw her getting into the car and screamed, 'Excuse me, what are you doing?'" Brown-Iyer said.

She tried to photograph the bright blue car and the women inside. Unfortunately, they got away, and Brown-Iyer said she saw many other packages in the car.

"It made me really upset because this is a safe neighborhood in general," Brown-Iyer said. "That's mean and grinchy."

Police said thefts like this happen every year and officers encourage people to take precautions.

Officials said it's a good idea to not allow a package to be unattended by insisting someone sign for it. They also suggest having packages delivered to a workplace or to a neighbor's home if you know that you won't be around when the driver will stop by.

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