Woman says she ate glass in Olive Garden salad

HUMBLE, Texas - A local mother is claiming she ate pieces of glass during lunch at an Olive Garden in Humble.

Nateasha Johnson said the shards were in her garden salad.

"At first I didn't think it was glass," Nateasha Johnson said. "I thought maybe it was a bone from a chicken or something. All of a sudden, I feel this sharp pain in my cheek."

Johnson, a mother and full-time student, said she swallowed a small piece before spitting out a shard of glass about three inches long.

"It did cause some bleeding," Johnson said while showing pictures of small cuts inside her cheek.

She said the manager on duty acknowledged the glass came from a broken plate and apologized.

Johnson rushed to the emergency room at Kingwood Medical Center, where she spent ten hours undergoing tests before being released.

Although initial hospital tests on April 24 did not show any glass in her system, Johnson believes she did swallow some.

She says she is still in pain and has trouble eating.

"It was life threatening," she said. "If I had not have caught it, I don't know if i'd be sitting here right now."

Now she is offering warning to others and a plea to the restaurant.

"Check the food," she warned. "Make sure there's nothing in the food because accidents do happen. You're supposed to be on top of that to avoid situations like this."

In response, Olive Garden released this statement:

"We take our guests' safety very seriously which is why we filed an insurance claim for our guest in this situation. However, this is an active investigation, so we are unable to comment any further."

Johnson says she still has a few more doctor visits ahead of her to make certain there is nothing dangerous in her system.

Meantime, there is still debate over who will be paying Johnson's medical bills.

She said she declined a settlement offer from the company and is now considering a lawsuit.

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