Woman rummages through mail, tries on shoes from package at Kingwood residence

A brazen and bizarre crime caught on home surveillance system in broad daylight

KINGWOOD - A brazen and bizarre crime occurred in Kingwood as a woman is caught on a home surveillance system opening packages on the front porch of a residence.

Neighbors say somehow a woman was able to get through security gates and into the neighborhood. Once inside, she was caught on camera committing some of the most bizarre acts you may ever see. We spoke with one homeowner who actually came face to face with her.

"First she steals my mail. Watch," said the voice of the homeowner. "Now she's gonna get even more brazen."

He's watching surveillance video of a strange woman rolling up to his Kingwood home. After taking his mail, the homeowner says she goes straight for the packages on the front porch.

"Just walked up, started opening boxes," he said.

Like it's a department store, she takes a seat and begins trying on a pair of shoes she found in one of the boxes.

"Don't fit," he said.

So she puts them back. On her way out, she checks the door, but it's locked.

"She said she was looking for a friend and it must be the wrong house," said Beth Bray.

She lives in the neighborhood and she says the woman walked right into her backyard.

"I kind of took her word on it, and then come to realize when I looked at the camera system, I didn't realize she was in the front yard trying to get in our home as I was in the back," Bray said.

Not only did cameras catch her trying to get into Bray's home, they also caught the woman pulling her pants down and urinating on the porch.

"It's disgusting and scary. We have two small children. It was really scary. She walked in my backyard and she was petting my dog," said Bray.

We're told because of the incident, security has been heightened in this neighborhood, trying to prevent anyone like that woman from being able to get into the neighborhood.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says because the woman is accused of taking someone's mail, the case has now been turned over to the postal inspector.

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