Woman pulled from burning car by witnesses after crashing into gas station

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - It wasn't just a car accident, it was a near catastrophe.

The calamity just off Highway 249 Wednesday morning near Boudreaux could be seen and heard for miles.

"I think the lady driving the car, she was going very fast and out of control," said Sanjay Kumar, the store's owner.

"I heard a huge boom, saw an explosion ran across the street and saw an SUV that was about to be on fire," said Chris Reich.

At the Chevron, a chain reaction crash where investigators say a Jeep speeding on Highway 249 hit a van pulling out of the gas station, quickly became a harrowing hero's adventure for 31-year-old Reich.

"I was pretty much doing what my instinct told me to do, get her out," said Reich.

The woman inside the Jeep was fading in and out of consciousness he says, with smoke and flames licking the finders, Reich went to work.

"I just opened the front door, pulled her out, had two guys help me and we just pulled her about two feet away," he said.

One set of pumps was completely obliterated in the fire, but the woman Reich and company saved, who is the woman who may have caused the accident, will be OK.

"I'm not a hero, I was just doing what was right," said Reich.

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