Woman on Ambien crashed in McDonald's drive-thru

She told officers she was still in a 'dream state' and didn't know where she was

HOUSTON - A woman fell asleep in the drive-thru of a McDonald's restaurant, Houston police said.

She told officers she took an Ambien sleeping pill, was still in a 'dream state,' and didn't know where she was according to investigators on the scene.

Firefighters and police officers tried to wake her up by yelling and banging on the windows of her car, but that didn't work.

Firefighters finally broke a back window on the car just steps from the McDonald's drive-through on Washington at the Katy Freeway just after midnight Monday, according to Houston firefighters.

The woman started driving forward and went up on a curb when firefighter broke that window, investigators said.

Houston police said the woman had a valid prescription for the sleeping medication, so she was not cited.

A family member was called to pick that woman up from the scene and no one was injured.

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