Woman killed after tree branch falls on her in NE Houston

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - The severe weather turned deadly in northeast Houston after a woman was killed when a tree limb fell on her.

Houston police say a 52-year-old woman was taking her 7-year-old son to school when a branch fell out of the tree and hit and killed her. Police say the boy went on to school and told his teachers. A family member told Local 2 he first tried to wake his mom up.

Neighbors say the little boy is a second grader at Oates Elementary School.

"The storms were just horrible around here. The winds would shift. They'd go away from you, towards you," said witness George San Miguel.

Once the storm cleared, San Miguel and his family were driving by when they saw their neighbor on the ground in front of her van.

"My wife said, 'Stop! There's a body there.' I said, 'Are you sure?' As I reverse, she just jumps out and screaming," said San Miguel.

Police rushed to the scene but say the branch also brought down a power line. Officers called the utility company to turn off the line before they could get to the woman.

"We're going to trim all of our branches and everything because this one doesn't look too good. It's just something that shouldn't happen. It looked like a healthy tree to me. I can't believe anything like that would happen. You never expect something like that to happen," San Miguel said.

The boy was injured and was taken to Texas Children's Hospital and he is expected to be OK.

The woman has not yet been identified.

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