Woman found dead on burning front porch

Investigators don't know what started the fire

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

THE WOODLANDS - A tragic and bizarre fire killed a mother of two in The Woodlands Thursday night. 

The medical examiner is determining the woman's exact cause of death, but neighbors believe they know what happened.

Terri Hallford said her husband had just stepped outside to walk the dogs around 8:30 p.m. when the neighbor's two young children came running from the street.

"They came running over and told him, my mom's on fire," said Hallford.

Hallford, a nurse, ran over to her neighbor's home in the 2800 block of South Log Run Circle in the Village of Grogan's Mill in The Woodlands.

"I thought she had like burned herself in the kitchen or something and so I ran over there to help and she was in full... she was on fire," Hallford explained.

The woman's husband was using a water hose to try and put out the fire covering his wife, but it was too late.

The fire marshal's office identified the victim as 52-year-old Olga Blyshak.

Hallford said she believes Blyshak fell asleep while smoking. The lit cigarette caught her clothes and her on fire.

"It was a very sad, very sad unfortunate accident," said Hallford.

"It's just horrible. I'm just.. we haven't been able to sleep all night," said neighbor Leann Jordan. "The children have lost their mother and it's Christmas time."

The children, an 8th grade boy and 6th grade girl, are with their father now. They lived at the home with their stepfather and mother who left a nursing career to stay home with them.

"She lived for her kids. That's the one thing I can tell you is she lived for her kids," said Hallford.

The victim's husband was transported to the hospital with smoke inhalation.

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