Woman creates 'Don't Forget Baby' signs to cut down on hot car deaths

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor
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HOUSTON - Temperatures will reach nearly 90 degrees by the end of the week and it's the time of year when leaving anyone in a hot car can be deadly. 

One Texas woman has created signs that remind parents and caregivers to remember their kids in the car. 

It happens every summer -- parents accidentally leaving their children locked in their hot cars often with deadly consequences.

"I wanted to come up with an easy inexpensive way for everybody to have a little reminder to not forget the baby," said Meghan Eckhardt.

Eckhardt, of Austin, has created "Don't Forget Baby" signs to remind parents of their precious cargo.

As a busy working mom herself, she knows a quiet sleeping baby can be forgotten as we rush through our day.

"I'm thinking about plenty of things. I'm thinking about work, thinking about dinner, about the costumes I have to make for my kid's school next week," Eckhardt said.

When you're driving the Don't Forget Baby sign hangs on your rearview mirror. And when you get out of the car...

"Take the baby out and you put the tag back in the car seat," Eckhardt said.

That way if someone sees the tag still on your rearview mirror they can look in your car to see if your child is still in there. Eckhardt says while we all have to multi-task these days, being distracted can be deadly. She hopes a simple reminder will save little lives.

"There's just as many parents who change their routine or they made one tiny mistake and it can happen to anybody," she said.

That's why she says parents shouldn't be embarrassed about a little reminder.

"I would hate to forget the most important thing," said Eckhardt.

The signs are $5 each with $1 from each sale going towards cord blood research. 

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