Woman claims to have AIDS, bites officer

Lanique Trotty charged with assault

HOUSTON - A woman is accused of possibly using a disease as a weapon.

Investigators said Lanique Trotty's alleged target was a Houston police officer.

According to her mother, Trotty, 20, became irrational and combative last Friday, which prompted her to call police.

Two officers arrived and took Trotty to a psychiatric hospital for observation, but before they could check her in, she allegedly bit one of them.

According to Officer J. Lorente, she then told him she has AIDS.

Trotty's mother said she was surprised to hear that. She said Trotty has never been tested for the disease.

Trotty has a long criminal history of prostitution with five arrests and three convictions. Her newest charge is assault.

Police won't disclose her her medical condition is.

Lorente received preventive medication immediately after the attack. He'll get another round of medication in 90 days and again six months.

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