Woman claims sergeant used excessive force

Jennifer Limon claims Harris County Constable's sergeant bruised her

HOUSTON - Two women want charges filed against them dropped, claiming video shows a Harris County Constable's sergeant and deputy using excessive force.

Quanell X, with the New Black Panther Nation, held a news conference Thursday afternoon and released more cell phone video of a Precinct One deputy and sergeant at Jennifer Limon's apartment.

"He said, 'No I can do what I want to do,' and we're saying to law enforcement officers like hell you can. You are not above the law," said Quanell X.

The deputies were there because they wanted to talk to her about a robbery suspect they had in custody who they believed was her boyfriend.

Limon said she was trying to tell the officer she could talk outside her home without her kids around, but their conversation quickly escalated and became physical.

"I simply told him if we could step outside and discuss it, I wanted my attorney present," said Limon. "He just totally violated my rights all the way around. He invited himself inside the home that was the whole purpose of me recording because I knew he was in the wrong."

Limon was charged with resisting arrest and failure to identify. Her pregnant sister seen in the video was charged with interfering.

The sisters said the sergeant used excessive force and acted inappropriately.

Harris County Constable's Office Precinct One Chief J.C. Mosier stood behind his sergeant, saying Limon refused to identify herself.

"We don't see that the officers did anything wrong. They were investigating a series of aggravated robberies that happened two days earlier," said Mosier.

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