Woman charged with murder in road rage case

HOUSTON - The family of a woman accused of murder was outraged Wednesday at the charges against her.

A Harris County grand jury indicted Crystal Scott, 23, of murder. She claimed she was acting in self-defense when she shot and killed a motorist.

Scott told authorities that she shot Jonathan Ables on Sept. 17 after both drivers pulled their vehicles into a Shell station on FM 1960 near Perry following a minor traffic accident. Scott claimed Ables approached her car and started beating on the driver's side window. She said she feared for her life when she shot and killed Ables.

"That attack of one's vehicle is like breaking into one's house, and it's completely irrational and illogical for us that she should be the one facing charges," Bishop James Dixon said.

Ables' family said all they want is justice. They hope the indictment and criminal trial will shed light on what truly happened.

"There was no way that he could have been the monster she was portraying him to be," said Charlen Aucoin, Ables' mother. "There's nothing that's going to take away the hole in our hearts. Even with justice, there are no winners here."

Brian Wice is the Aucoin's family attorney.

"The grand jury did not determine guilt or innocence. They early determined that more likely than not, Crystal Scott murdered Jonathan Ables," Wice said.

"I know this if Crystal -- no one won in this situation," Dixon said.

No one with the District Attorney's Office was available to answer questions about the murder charge against Scott. She is expected to appear in court on March 4.

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