Woman charged $1,300 for $14 Denny's breakfast

HOUSTON - A Houston woman was shocked when her $14 breakfast at a west Houston Denny's turned into a $1,389 bill.

Tochi Brown said a recent trip to a Denny's turn into a credit nightmare.

"I got in there about 1 a.m. and ordered my usual -- an omelet," said Brown. 

Fifteen minutes after she left the Denny's on Interstate 10 and Bunker Hill, her bank noticed suspicious activity on her credit card. 

"They said, 'Did you eat $1,389.40 worth of food this morning at Denny's?' I was like, 'I don't think so,'" said Brown. 

Her charge for the $14 was debited. But the bank blocked the second, higher charge. 

"I feel violated. It makes me feel disrespected," said Brown. 

Wanting more information as to how this could happen, she called the Denny's manager. 

"He put me on hold. Came back and said, 'Let me check the record.' He wanted the check number. He put me on hold again. After 30 minutes, the whole thing stunk," said Brown

Frustrated by not getting help from the manager and not getting in touch with the owner of the Denny's which is listed as Rams Food, Inc., she turned to the Better Business Bureau. And this particular Denny's is a member. 

"Pardon the bad pun, this was the grand slam on the account. It's a valid complaint," said Dan Parsons of the Better Business Bureau. 

According to guidelines, members have 15 days to respond to a complaint. 

"We have reached the end of the jeopardy process today. We prepared the letter saying we're revoking you," said Parsons. 

The owner can appeal but the membership is suspended. 

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