Woman attacked by pit bull at Houston motel

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - A local woman has more than 300 stitches and more than 25 staples in her arm after her friend's pit bull bolted out of a north Houston motel room and attacked her.

At around noon Tuesday, Heather Sweeney-Collazo says she went to her friend's room to discuss a trip to the grocery store.

"She told me to give me about 15 minutes, I turned around and walked away, and when I walked away, I heard her scream 'Tank,' and when I turned around, he grabbed me," she said.

She says the pit bull, named Tank, charged through the motel door, latched onto her right arm and took her to the ground. She suffered extreme cuts to her arm and damage to her tendons, but says she's lucky he didn't go for her throat.

"He probably would have killed me. He is a heavy dog. There is no doubt in my mind if he would have gotten me there, he would have killed me," said Collazo.

She was taken to a hospital where emergency room doctors closed her wounds. Precinct 4 deputies ruled it an accident, but Collazo says the dog is known to be vicious and shouldn't have been staying at the motel.

"I am sorry, but extreme lacerations and extreme damage to my tendons is not an accident; there is no accident to this," Collazo said.

Local 2 spoke with management at the Ramada Inn who says they banned dogs from the motel a few months ago, but since the pit bull owner has been a longtime customer, they let her keep her dog. But management says after this incident, the dog will not be allowed back on motel property.

Collazo will now have to make an appointment with an orthopedist so she can start rehab.

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