Woman arrested after shots fired outside KTRK Channel 13 building

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A woman is in custody after shots were fired outside a local TV station in southwest Houston.

Houston police say multiple shots were fired at around 9 a.m. Thursday morning at the KTRK-TV Channel 13 building at 3310 Bissonnet. At least five shots were fired from the street into a second floor office, but fortunately an employee in the office was not hurt.

Witness Katherine Koinis says she saw a silver Chevy Camaro parked on Bissonnet in front of the TV station.

"I thought it was really strange. Sounded like a car backfired and then I just pulled around the car and by the time I pulled around the car, there was a lady standing out there with what appeared to be a cell phone. It happened in a matter of 10 seconds. I didn't think anything of it," Koinis said.

What she heard was gunfire. Police say there were five shots fired into the building and four into cars out front. West University Place police and Houston police stopped and arrested Michelle Monique Burks not far away.

"Brought her back to the scene where she was identified by several witnesses. We have several witnesses stating that she was shooting into the parking lot and at several of the windows in the building," said Sgt. Julie Pleasant with the Houston Police Department.

Burks, 44, was arrested and is charged with felony deadly conduct.

Police say they recovered shell casings from the parking lot and bullets from inside the building. Police say they also recovered a semi-automatic handgun from the Camaro, which was then impounded.

This day news was made not far from a TV station's newsroom. Police say there were no injuries.

Just last month, someone fired shots at Channel 13. That person was never caught.

Police say the descriptions of the two cars involved match, however the descriptions of the shooters are different.

Editor's Note: We're glad to hear our colleagues at KTRK are safe.

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